What makes me happy in life is giving others happiness. Babies and children are by far the easiest to do this for. Give them your attention and care, play games with them and comfort them, and I guarantee you’ll put a smile on their face.That’s why I love my job as a babysitter so much, being able to care for the little ones of our world is such a joy.

Recently I’ve been working on growing my client base and I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished. My goal now is to keep the momentum going so I can share my babysitting services to even more families.





My writing.

I would love to have perfect sentence structure and the grammar of a goddess. I dream of being able to entice people with my words, leaving them mesmerised and unable to shift their concentration or avert their ravenous eyes. But it’s a process, one that I’m only just starting to understand, let alone begin to learn.

The hard thing about it is, I might never accomplish this dream, at least not all the time anyway. Just like beauty, writing is very subjective. I also cannot deny that a part of me loves being able to think up words faster than I can type them, with endorphins pumping through me, as my fast fingers slightly fail to keep up with my ever babbling mind.

When my sentences fail to flow, or even make sense, I like not having to worry too much about it. At the same time, I want to make my writing powerful… perfect if you may. But more often than not, ease and perfection cannot exist in unity.


Time flys at University

Time flys at University.

Binge watching tv heartily

and all-nighters with stress galore,

leave my brown eyes ever so sore.


Weeks feel like days, as time flys on by,

and lecture recordings pile ever high.

Oh, Procrastination my dear friend,

you need to leave me for awhile, ahem!

Assessment, teamwork, exam… again,

but now I really just want to zen.


But fear not, worry not shall ye’…

good grades I will reach thee,

for my bachelor degree!