The salty smell of the sea brought about by a subtle breeze, soothed my mind, as one foot after the other beat down on the concrete below. The sun happily shared it’s warming touch as sweat dripped down the spine of my back. With my sun-kissed skin beginning to flush, I began to work on my breathing. My lungs and feet creating a rhythm that only I can control and my thoughts, forced to silence, as I focused on pacing my run with the bright blue sky reflected off the calm water only meters away.


One of the happiest times of my life was when I dedicated a little part of every day to running. I would only dabble in a few km on the weekdays but, on the weekends, my runs would venture as far as 10 km. Running always managed to put me in a good mood and pride would often swell in my chest with every bit of progress made. Back then, it wasn’t about running to burn calories. I did it because it made me happy! I could almost say it was my form of medication and helped keep me sane.

Unfortunately, raging tonsillitis forced me to take a break from my running rituals and by the time I got back out there, my stamina was nothing like it used to be. The inability to run like I used to filled me with such ridiculous anger that I just stopped running altogether. Looking back at it now, I regret that simple decision.

Despite my love for running, I have never returned. If you saw me now, you’d know about it too. Let’s just say I’m not exactly as fit as I used to be. But, THIS. IS. GOING. TO. CHANGE. Running is like an old friend to me, and I’ve only just allowed myself to miss it. So, I am going to reconnect. I’ll start little by little until we are the best of mates again. I’ll run just as good, if not better than before.



2 thoughts on “Run

  1. harrowhoundsblog says:

    Hey I share your love for running and all that it brings. Great for the soul not just your body. Well done you and running will welcome you back like the long lost friend that it is. 🙏🏻


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